CFO Services

Embedded CFO services (Chief Financial Officer) follow the recent economy-wide trend of parting from fixed employment costs and migrating towards a variable, on-demand structure for high-level professional expertise. We structure our engagements for cost-effective, maximum impact utilization – translation: on-site, weekly face time with our clients for maximum strategic value at the lowest cost possible. Clients find two-pronged value in using our firm.

Cost. Lower cost method to replace traditional CFO wages with outsourced model that, while less costly, still allows the business to maintain the functionality of a full-time CFO. Bottom line: cost savings.

Strategic Value. For firms that generally are too small for high-level financial executive oversight yet still struggle with large company problems, embedded CFO services open up a world of strategic opportunity by making what was previously unattainable easily within reach. Bottom line: strategic value & cost savings.

Our CFOs function in the client environment like a traditional employee in that outside business relationships are unaware of our firm’s engagement. We are onsite, have a client email address and business cards, and have a flexible remote/onsite blend to remain responsive during the entire business week. Through the collaborative knowledge pool of our various experts in the firm, we are also able to collectively offer expertise to client situations so that varied and unique problems are addressed with maximum efficiency. Each professional has a wide berth of systems, tax, process and industry experience that can be leveraged at any time during the course of an engagement.

CFO services also serve as the gateway to our continuum of finance services. Tax compliance, accounting system selection, banking relationships and other specialty needs hinge off of our recurring, low-cost personnel on-site with the client and are synergized for maximum output and cost-savings. Our ‘continuum structure’ minimizes business owners from having to become subject matter experts in a variety of distracting technical areas – avoiding the uncertainty of being overcharged and having minimal strategic output. We ensure business strategies make it from being ideas through to execution.

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