Year End Tax Strategies Created by Tax Reform

It is quite possible that Congress did not think through that some taxpayers have an opportunity to shuffle certain deductions around between passage of the law last week and its effective date of January 1, 2018. With proper planning in place in the next week, tax benefits can be maximized. Read the details in our new article here. 

TEDx Talk: “Forget Economics”

Garrett Fisher delivered his first TEDx talk at TEDx NapaValley in Napa, CA, with the subject “Forget Economics.” True to his economic innovation model, his “idea worth spreading” is that economics is too focused on money. Perhaps we ought to think about why we spend, or do not spend our hard-earned currencies, and we can head into uncovered territory in the field of economics. Watch the talk here:

Garrett Fisher Launches Institute for Economic Innovation

With a goal to rewrite the rules of business, the Institute for
Economic Innovation has launched with Mr. Fisher as its Executive
Director. The Institute is a non-political privately funded think
tank staffed with leading thinkers in the legal, securities, finance,
neuroscience and scientific research fields. We seek to insightfully
adjust the paradigm of human needs as expressed through economics –
questioning the system from the top to the bottom – and rewriting
the rules of business. The Institute partners with startup and
high-growth institutions to foster successful launches and growth of
upstart companies. Future goals include innovative approaches to
startup capital and startup ideation.

To visit the Insitute’s website, click here.

Presentation at Startup Ideation Forum

Garrett Fisher presented as a panelist on an exploratory Startup
Ideation Forum on March 8 at Packard Place in Charlotte, NC. The
purpose of the event was to explore local interest in creating a
Founders Institute chapter. It was a resounding success – well
attended with a lively group interaction – a “Shark Tank Lite” so to
speak. Mr. Fisher presented an initial lecture on the mindset of a
founder – and aligning mental perspective with motivators that will
result in a successful launch. He also served as one of 5 panel

The presentation was the inspiration for his article “Launching a
Startup? Begin with the Mind” which is featured this month in The

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FinanceSolutions LLC Launches New Website

January 31, 2013

FinanceSolutions LLC has launched an overhauled website built on an entirely new content management platform. The site features add-on RSS feeds, improved dissemination of articles and integration with Twitter and LinkedIn. The site also follows streamlined design protocols – delivering useful content to visitors quicker and easier than the old platform.

The site is part of a greater initiative to standardize related company and project websites – both existing and yet to be launched – as FinanceSolutions and its Managing Director Garrett Fisher prepare to launch several robust initiatives in 2013.

Garrett Fisher to Present at BarCamp Buffalo

May 26, 2012

FinanceSolutions’ Managing Director Garrett Fisher to present at BarCamp Buffalo on Wednesday May 30th. The title of his presentation is “Why Freelancers Should not use TurboTax” and will delve into why the concept of tax planning is a cost-effective overall business strategy and not just a labor transfer – tech, contract or otherwise – for handling compliance requirements of filing returns. The presentation is one in a series from 7PM to 9PM held at the Pearl Street Grill and Brewery in downtown Buffalo. The event is free to attend. BarCamp is an international network of user-generated conferences – which are open, participatory workshop-events geared toward the technology industry.

FinanceSolutions LLC offers turnaround and CFO services to distressed, high-growth and startup companies. In addition to consulting services, the firm handles capital placement, tax issues, and accounting/IT systems. The firm actively serves clients in CO, NC, SC, VA, TX, OK, WI, WA, NY and CA.

Firm Closes $5.6MM Credit Facility

December 28, 2011

FinanceSolutions secured and closed a $5.6MM credit facility with Park Sterling Bank for a private distribution-based client in the Carolinas. The facility consists of a $3.5MM line of credit coupled with $2.1MM term debt and consists of superior interest rates and amortization periods than the client’s prior credit facility. “We were very pleased with Park Sterling’s relationship model, forward-thinking approach and flawless execution of the close. The team at Park Sterling has a refreshing “can do” attitude backed by their performance despite harsh credit conditions in the marketplace” said Garrett Fisher, Managing Director of FinanceSolutions. The facility is the culmination of a turnaround engagement involving a full balance sheet recapitalization along with operational restructuring. The facility closed in December 2011.

FinanceSolutions LLC offers turnaround and CFO services to distressed, high-growth and startup companies. In addition to consulting services, the firm handles capital placement, tax issues, and accounting/IT systems. The firm actively serves clients in NC, SC, WA, NY and CA.

Garrett Fisher to Speak at Lecture Series Event

November 11, 2011

Garrett Fisher, Managing Director of FinanceSolutions LLC, will be the speaker at the upcoming Lecture Series event at the Main Washington Exchange in Buffalo, NY (523 Main Street). The subject will be “Software Engineering Business Basics: Taxes and Accounting What you Really Need to Know” and will focus on legal structures and tax strategies commonly used for larger corporations and missed by the majority of freelance professionals. The event is free, will be held on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 from 7PM to 9PM and follows an audience-dialogue format with attendee questions interspersed through the lecture event. Guests are requested to register in advance (no charge) at under “Upcoming Events.”

FinanceSolutions LLC offers a full spectrum of finance services focusing on embedded CFO services including financial modeling, due diligence, accounting system implementation, capital, income tax, sales tax and business valuations. The firm actively serves clients in NC, SC, WA, NY and CA.